My Latest Sport Marketing Research Reports

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Hi there! My intention now is to give you an update on my latest projects. As of September 2021, I’ve started the MSc Football Communications and Digital Marketing at the Global Institute of Sport (GIS/UCFB) which is part of the University of East London. The first semester went well, I completed all of my reports at distinction. 


Wanting to share this success with you guys, I decided to share my five research reports below.

  1. Evaluating Fan Engagement

This is an analysis of the glocal fan engagement landscape and an appraisal of novel fan engagement approaches. 


2. Digital Marketing for Football

An exploration of digital disruption and an evaluation and comparison of traditional- and digital marketing.


3. Fan Engagement: Chelsea FC Social Network Analysis

An assessment of fan engagement impact accompanied by an evaluation of engagement opportunities for Chelsea FC. This is all based on social network and content analyses.


4. Digital Marketing Opportunities for Birmingham City Football Club

This report appraises the application of CRM, AI, and SEM as potential digital marketing approaches for Birmingham City Football Club.


5. Global Sport Leadership: Personality and Reflection

This basically is my personality analysis, which is then used to evaluate my leadership capabilities and industry-related skills. This is ultimately used to create a PDP (Personal Development Plan) aimed to achieve my goals.

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