Ipsem is an online platform designed by Sem Visser. 

Sem is a sports marketing student who believes in the idea that we can make the world a better place through the power of sports. Sem originally crafted this blog from his love for sports. In time, it has grown into a place that encourages people to share their business or study experiences, stories, theories, or conceptions. 

Learning is continuous, we believe that sharing insights, opinions, and experiences is relevant and meaningful regardless of one’s branch. 

Ipsem blogs arose as a tool for students to share perspectives and interpretations regarding theories and marketing concepts. However, as studies progressed, Sem’s personal experiences during a 7-month Economics study in Japan would inspire the blog to change. Aspects of cultural differences and the love of friendship resulted in a different worldview.

It changed from a goal-oriented approach to a journey. This redirected the blog, its purpose switched from solely sharing academic views, to sharing personal experiences and stories on the one hand, and theoretical perceptions on the other. 

Sharing opinions will cause discussion. Exchanging those views will result in people asking the poser or puzzling questions, and learning while solving those puzzles TOGETHER is the blog’s purpose.


Two Different Blogging Styles

We decided to implement two different blogging styles establishing greater accessibility. The Business Study blog was the original, entirely theoretical, blogging style. Additionally, to allow for more non-theoretical, thus personal experiences, we added a Stories Blog.

Business Study Blog

Business Study blogs offer people an opportunity to share their ideas, theories, perspectives, and opinions regarding a wide array of topics. Examples could be business development, marketing strategies, politics, art, entertainment, media, or financial analysis.

Stories Blog

Stories blogs embody the idea of sharing experiences. You can test people’s opinions about past situations, choices and dilemma’s that you went through. Also, it provides for storytelling practice and merely the sharing of experiences that you believe carry relevance for others.